I am selling my Gerbil (and his home) for $40 ($120+ value).
My gerbil Winston Churchill needs a loving home!
Reason for selling:
I am traveling the month of December and won't be able to look after him and want to find him a good home before then.
What is included:
Gerbil (bought under a year ago)
10 gallon aquarium (no cracks) with reptile lid
Silent wheel (it really is silent!)
Wooden house
food dish
Water bottle
Ceramic dish for sand bath (gerbils love sand baths!)
Ceramic carrot dish
bedding scooper
Running ball
AND Any leftover: bedding, food, chinchilla dust (for sand bath), chewing sticks, toilet paper rolls etc...
Some info about gerbils:
- they are not fully nocternal - they are awake during the day and a bit at night (he is most active in late afternoon/early evening and a bit in the late morning)
- they don't smell - gerbils are very clean and don't smell (also he recycles through his own bedding by chewing up fresh cardboard)
- they are friendly - I chose a gerbil mostly because they are the most friendly of the rodents - winston has never bitten me AND they are very curious creatures so they are naturally more social (he likes to run up to the front of his cage and say 'hi' whenever I come home)
If you are interested, please e-mail me (Lauren) OR phone: 604-614-